We know, from the experiences of families and the findings of research, that having a child with disabilities powerfully affects every one in the family. The programs offered under our Hope Initiative focus on nurturing the family as a whole. 

Families whose children have disabilities, special needs or chronic illnesses have specific challenges that require specific attention. Our Equip Initiative offers information and resources necessary to support them. 

Knowledge is power. With workshops and advocates our Empower Initiative educates our families into resilience.

"A child is only as disabled as their environment and the beliefs of the people around them." - Bala Pillai DPT, PCS


Beacon 12's primary outreach location is Hope Community Church, 11811 Misty Valley Rd. However, we also offer Satellite Outreach intended to serve families who find it difficult to travel because of lack of transportation or financial limitations. We partner with local churches and schools in lower income communities to bring our services into the community. The availability of Satellite Outreach will increase the ability for families to have access to our services.