To serve or families it takes more than a village- it takes a nation.

Be a part of it!

Facilitate Group Counsel or Workshops

Licensed counselor, Peg Mahan, facilitates our group counseling sessions.

Are you a psychologist, counselor or education specialist interested in helping our families?

Peg Mahan

Be a Corporate Sponsor or Donor

Chad Clark, president of Axis Buildershas been a dedicated supporter helping us change lives of the families we serve.


Volunteer your time like Klein Superintendent Bret Champion and his wonderful wife Marcee.

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Raquel Robledo- #terrificteachertuesday for Tuesday, March 28th.

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Designed by the beautiful and wonderfully talented Kelly Clark. #B12nation

Pablo Salinas- #fantasticfatherfriday for Friday, September 30th.

Our founder with group facilitator, Peggy Mahan, at our launch.

Nancy Zanetta- #terrificteachertuesday for Tuesday, September 27th.

Paula Pena- #momcrushmonday for Monday, July 11th.

Through support and information Beacon 12 aids families as they deal with the life altering circumstances of having children with disabilities, special needs or chronic illnesses.

Beacon 12 is a 501(c) 3 corporation. Gifts are tax deductible to the full extent allowable under the law.  

Our EIN/ Tax ID Number is 47-5514249.

Interested in Corporate Sponsorship?
Join our existing corporate donors and partners in helping families in need.